Frequently Asked Questions

Setup and Installation
What type of tank applications can the TankScan system be used to monitor?

TankScan System is an ideal solution for monitoring above ground, non-pressurized tanks containing liquid in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Who installs the TankScan system?

TankScan systems can be self installed or you can use our team of installation professionals.

Is there a limit to the number of tanks at a site that can be monitored by the TankScan system?

TankScan Systems are fully scalable to an unlimited number of tanks.

Can TankScan be used on flammable liquid?

Yes, TankScan Monitors are certified Intrinsically Safe (IS) Class 1, Division 1 C,D Temp Code 4

Is power needed at the site?

Yes, 120 VAC outlet for the gateway.

What is the typical battery life of the TankScan wireless monitor?

Typical battery life is 2 years with 4 hour reporting intervals.

What is needed to mount a TankScan monitor?

An available 1 ½” or 2” NPT opening is needed for each TankScan monitor.

Can I run reports and export my data from TankScan Global software?

Yes, reports can be run in various common formats.